​You ain’t no punk. 

Get up. Get to walking. 

Put your hand on that plow, 

and don’t turn back by just talking. 
Yesterday is gone, 

today is here, 

live for eternity like you 

only have God to fear.
Don’t play those games, 

Don’t walk those old ways, 

Step with a purpose, 

For the rest of your days. 
This time will fly by, 

Things will quickly gather dust, 

So make sure you have a crown, 

That will never rust. 
Don’t mistake friends for enemies, 

Or enemies for friends, 

There are very different destinations, 

When we all come to our ends. 
Know who you love, 

Know who you serve, 

Live it like He’s worth it,

if you’ve got the nerve.
Love you, brothers and sisters. 

Eyes up. It’s time to walk it out.