When the Opportunity Comes…

How many of us might dare to dream big dreams?
How many of those same courageous dreamers retreat into fear when the very thing we have wished for stands face to face before us as reality? 
God has sent you into this world, children, with a purpose and calling. In fact, you have thought about it. You have even prayed about it. You have longed for it. You know this is true.
And I tell you, truly, truly — the Kingdom of God is at hand, children of God. Today is not only the day of salvation, but it is the day of awakening, the day of revival, the day of faith realized in the substance of your life. 
Or for the children of disobedience it is yet another day of death — of emptiness and worthless chasing after things of no lasting value or fulfillment. 
Child of God, hear the call! 
Remember your purpose! 
If you will cower down, let it only be so that you might die to your flesh, pick up your cross, and walk alive in Spirit and Truth, resting in His promises, and abiding in His will. 
For the flesh may be weak, but the Spirit is strong — and if you are indeed born again — if you are indeed free — if Christ indeed is alive in you, there is a world that needs to hear, see, and believe this Good News of Christ. 
“Certainly, He will be with thee.”
“Say to them, I AM hath sent me unto you.”
Whether they call you a liar, or see the Truth — His Word goes forth by His messengers… Go!

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