Freedom from…

Do we really believe that there is good and evil? 

Do we really believe that God is Almighty, Holy, righteous and perfect, and that there is another that represents and encourages and fosters the oppositeam of that? 

Do we believe there is a broad way and a narrow way? 

Do we really believe that Jesus is the perfect, blameless, spotless lamb that was sacrificed on our behalf, and raised from the dead in order that we might be reconciled back to a right relationship with God?

I surely hope so!

So when we talk of “Freedom” – what is it that we want to be free from?

Do we see the very idea of serving God and loving others as burdensome, as costly, as too much of a sacrifice to  HAVE TO PAY?

Would we be happier with a concept of FREEDOM FROM GOD so that we can do workout the guilt and shame — while also doing wit out any conviction against the sin that we truly love? 

Or do we trust that our greatest joy is found in the fulfilled promise of FREEDOM FROM SIN AND DEATH?

I say this because if we in fact love our sin more than we love our God — if we in fact, love the broad way of the world more than we love the narrow way of following in His footsteps, love swimming in our own opinions, feelings, desires and pride instead of following in His will — would we rather arrive at the destination of what our heart truly desires without any pesky meddling from those sounding the alarms? 

I’m not being you to change, friend, because if you are just led by your emotional response to the fearful truth about the state of your heart — no matter how hard your striving under your own power to climb your way out, you will just continue reaping corruption and pulling down condemnation upon yourself. You can’t win your soul. You can’t earn your way. 

But you can be born again. 

And I’m not talking about learning how to act religious or to grit your teeth and fight for a reward in heaven. 

No, I’m talking about having your eyes, ears, and heart healed to receive truth in love. I’m talking about hearing that the Word of God says, “Thou shalt…” and you are free to pursue His will. I’m talking about hearing that the Word of God says, “Though shall not…” and you are free to turn away from the unacceptable, to look past the barely acceptable, to push through what is good,  and to press on towards what is perfect! 

But if this sounds burdensome, if this sounds like a raw deal to have to give up the world, and sin,  and temptation, and self pride, and self will – then maybe this life truly is a shadow of what is to come? 

If we hear the Word of God and it doesn’t sound like the voice of our living Father’s instruction and correction and guidance – maybe it’s because there is still a different father that we are serving. 

Shouldn’t we ask ourselves? 

What do you really want to be free from? Is it freedom from God’s call on your life to be holy and set apart as a people serving Him, bearing the burdens of others, turning away from sin and wickedness, so that His will might be done in your life even today because you are a vessel of His Holy Spirit alive and abiding?

Or is it freedom from the traps, the tricks, the deceit, the confusion,  the misdirection, the darkness, the evil, the wickedness, the perversion, the destruction, the pain, and the weight of your sin? 

The LORD, our God, says, “Come”. He says, “Who the son sets free is free indeed!”

Do you know this freedom? 

Do you want it?

Draw close to the LORD and He will draw close to you. Believe and live. You are forgiven, go and sin no more. Amen.

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