Things spinning out of control? 

When it seems like things are spinning out of control and you can’t even see your own worth or purpose or direction,  remember – there is a hand at the wheel… 

An imperfect people, 

loved by a perfect God — 

We don’t even know how 

to love each other —

or even how to love ourselves —

But He’s willing to teach us, 

He’s already shown us, 

That we are worth the cross,

We are worth His blood, 

Not because we are much at all,

But because His touch changes that, 

We are no longer just broken vessels of clay, 

We are carriers of the Holy Spirit of God,

We are called and sent,

His hands, His feet, His body going forth. 

He calls us precious.

He calls us beloved.

The guilt and shame and pride whispers lies,

But He is faithful and true. 

You are precious. 

You are beloved.

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