Humble Yourself

In keeping with James 5:16 on this day of prayer –

I can be very prideful at times. Sometimes I forget to give Him all the credit for anything good in me because I want to boast in myself instead. Keep me humble in you, Lord.

I can allow my eyes to linger too long, or I can turn my back from that lost woman who I fear may serve as a temptation to my flesh when I know that she is in need. Teach me to trust in the strength of your Holy Spirit and to neither give in to temptation and sin, nor run from it in doubt, but to stand firmly trusting in you, Lord.

I can be zealous in my hatred of sin and forget to encourage with kindness and compassion those who are weak and doubting and fallen. Soften my heart and make me mindful of my words, Lord.

I can hold onto things out of fear for myself and my family that are meant to be blessings to those in need around me. Teach me to trust you even more and open my hands and heart wider to those in need,  Lord.

I can become so active in study and work, or isolated in the rigidness of a planned day that I overlook the unexpected opportunities for spontaneous outpouring of His love in surprise fellowship and service. Teach me to see the opportunities in each day to show your love, to free the captives, to break the chains that bind,  and to praise you and bring you glory and honor,  Lord.

I can talk too much and listen far too little. Teach me wisdom so that your Word remains in my ears constantly and on my lips when necessary, Lord.

I can find myself worrying about my day,  my family, this world, and the lost. Remind me that victory is yours and yours alone, Lord.

Forgive me.


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