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Do we not like criticism because we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t need to change?

#LoversOfSelf #2Timothy3.2 
Or is our hesitancy because we aren’t sure of the source or intent behind it? 

#TestAllSpirits #1John4.1
And when we offer criticism, is it good for building up, fit for the occasion, and does it give grace to those who might hear? Is our speech a soft, wise answer to a question — or an unprompted, harsh, foolish, word pressed upon others? 

#RightlyDivide #SoftWiseAnswer #NotHarshFoolishWord #Ephesians4.29 #Proverbs15.1.2
Are we more interested in our own opinions, feelings, and interpretations being exalted, or in proclaiming the Word of God and trusting it to go forth and accomplish what it is sent to do? #HonorOfMen #2Timothy3.16
We must remember who we are in Christ, and even these things pointed out should hurtle us deeper into our Father’s arms —
As we cry out, “Do you hear what he is saying about your children? Do you hear what he accuses us of, father? I cannot plead innocent or I would be proven a liar! I cannot plead guilty or I might blaspheme against the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross! So I plead the Blood of the Lamb, I walk upon the only narrow path of salvation and sanctification. I fear and trust in you alone! It is finished!” 

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