I melt in your presence

I fail you daily. 

You are faithful and true. 

I play the fool.

You are wise and correct me. 

If they follow me they will stumble. 

If they follow you they will live.


Let me find my rest in the arms of your mercy. 

Let me die to self and you come live in me. 

Cover me with your annointing.

Do not let them see me, 

Do not let my enemies see that their worst accusations against me fall short of this mountain of sinfulness that you cast into the sea, that you will not count against me, 

for your names sake. 

For you are holy. 

And I fall lowly. 


But you lift me up, 

to places I dare not go on my own, 

But with you, I soar as on eagles wings,

With you, what was once crooked is now straight,

It is true that you are making all things new. 

Because you are reconciling all things to you. 

Oh for that day, 

That perfect day, 

When I might lay it all at your feet, 

Not in part but in whole, 

And you might exchange my worthless ashes,

For an audience with the King of Kings, 

Where I might fall down as though dead, 

To feel your reassuring touch,

To look into your face, 

To see past fiery eyes 

and sword filled mouth

To know the breath of my love,

To celebrate the most high God,

Who has shone His glory, 

Even upon a mere man like me, 

To prove He is sufficient, 

To demonstrate He is powerful, 

And mighty to save those who love Him.

To save those who not only call upon His name with their lips, 

But who long to serve Him and walk in His will. 


only you can make straight

What you once made crooked. 

So I praise your holy name, 

I lay down my life, 

And I lift up my hands,

And I sing from the mountaintops, 

“Our God is an awesome God, worthy to be praised! He is merciful and mighty! 

None can stand in His presence under their own power, 

Yet we enter boldly into the throne room of grace, 

For our help does not come from man, 

Nor does it come from the world, 

Nor does it come from scholarly learning. 

No, our help comes from the LORD!
And who is mighty enough to oppose Him? 

All who oppose Him will be laid to shame! 

They will be laid low. 

Even as low as we have been laid in our finding our hope in Christ alone the cornerstone. 

Fear the LORD our God,

For it is in this fear that your hope is found, that wisdom is laid hold to even mere men, even wretched sinners who realize their plight. 
Turn to Him,

Look upon Christ Jesus, 

Believe and be saved! 

Walk renewed, 

And do not turn back. 

Keep your eyes on the hope of glory, 

No matter how blinding the light, 

For it is here, 

As the rebellious child is chastened, 

As the dross is burned away, 

As the fiery trials prove productive, 

As the pressure reveals the gems that were once hidden deep below the surface, 

His children are born to new life, 

And His glory shines radiant, 

Like the many stars in the sky, 

Shining forth with the light of not their own source, 

But light from the source of life itself,

Imparted to them on His behalf, 

And for His glory forevermore.

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