Grown Folks

Good luck finding them “grown folks”. 

I got so much growing left to do,  

He gonna have to keep me alive after this body is gone to bring me to perfection. 
But I ain’t shrinking back,  

and I ain’t dead, 

so Imma try not to 

act a fool while I’m still getting fed. 
But I hear whatcha saying. 

Too many saying,  

“I’m just keeping it real” 

When they just keeping it 

real trashy, wicked and sick. 

But real knows real, 

and nothing more real 

than Jesus Christ on the cross 

for all us wretched sinners. 
Not so we could still pretend 

to be in chains by that accuser – 

But so we could live free indeed,  

set apart and walking in the Holy Spirit,  

not stumbling around laughing 

on some Crown Royal spirits. 
And I ain’t gaming, 

so don’t think you know my angle, player. 

I’m just praising, 

cause them my angels, player. 

They all camped around me, 

like we at the KOA, baby. 

But they ain’t playin, 

cause He’s coming back, 

not as a baby, baby.

They preparing that winepress, 

they gonna beat that chaff,  

they gonna burn away the trash, 

and refine what is precious. 
He calls me precious. 

What does He call You? 

Is your name in the book? 

Better take time to look!
Get off your corner,

Get onto your knees,

Get off your high horse,

Put down the trees.
How will you stand before the Almighty,

Who is righteous and pure,

He is Holy and mighty,

What will He have for you?
You think I’m foolish? 

You can’t believe it’s true? 

You’d rather have treasure now?

Than step out in faith too?
Just please hear me now,

Because what I say is true,

You’ve been sold a lie, 

Your Jordan’s stuck in it like glue.
Turn away from the world, 

Turn back to that one Good Father,

I know one already let you down,

But this here is another. 
He knows you by your name, 

Knows the hairs on your head, 

He will not forsake or leave you,

Even after you are dead. 
Can you hear his still, quiet voice?

It blows like the wind. 

It isn’t shame or guilt but REJOICE!

It signals the end!
You are no more a captive,

No more numbers and orange,

He’s here to set you free…
He is calling you closer, friend. 

Don’t put Him up on the shelf until you need Him again, like some genie that you think you can master. No, surrender, yield, and submit your life to the life giver. Amen.

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