Insufficient, More than Sufficient

I’ve FELT like a rickety old row boat tossed by the waves, 
and I’ve SEEN things around me being smashed on the rocks, 
and I’ve HEARD all the evidence that says that I am weak and insufficient to lead my household or counsel anyone else by my imperfect life’s evidence,  
but I BELIEVE that even in the midst of this trial I can REJOICE 
and I do not live by feelings or sight or senses, 
but by FAITH in the one who can 
break the chains of bondage and deliver to freedom, 
Cast mountains into the sea and bring the valleys level and plain,
Calm the raging seas with a spoken word, 
Heal, restore, save, deliver and lead. 
So if it comes from my mouth let it be His Word, His Truth, His Love, let it be LIFE breathed out by the Holy Spirit. 
If it comes from my hands, let it be His Word in action, His Truth in deeds, His Love in good works, and SERVICE to my brothers and sisters in need. 
If it enters my mind,  let it be His Word and meditating on the things above.
Lead me Lord, in case any follow along this path, so that it bet is your path, and not one I have picked out for myself.
Do not allow my many imperfections and weaknesses to stumble even the least of your little ones,  Lord, because by your Word, it is better that I be cast into the sea with a millstone tied around my neck.
Lord, I come to you,  destitute,  with no excuse, with no worthy payment, with no cross that I can claim by my own works to lay at your feet. I have failed you so many times. I have fallen, but I continue to get up. I only have your promise. I only have my faith in your faithfulness and in the truth of your Word.
Please, Lord, have mercy on your servant who has delighted in the work you’ve set before me, to follow you, to share the Good News, to praise you in the storms. I have not always been humble, but you have humbled me. I have not always been strong but you have strengthened me. I have not always been right but you have corrected and disciplined me. And I have always been loved because you have chosen me. 
What might be impossible for man, you have made true.
Please forgive me any who read this who are religious or quick to judge like I have been before (for praying publicly in the square), He knows my heart and will judge me according to His righteousness, because I am washed in the Blood of the Lamb, and because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. 
Thank you, Lord. 

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