Can’t you see?

Eyes blind to see truth, 

eyes that divide and separate 

by the flesh and not by the Spirit —
They live alongside hardened hearts

that do not love as Christ loves, 

do not sacrifice as He sacrificed, 

do not see need as an opportunity to serve as He served,  

do not forgive as He forgives, 

do not fear God at all — 
but only use their twisted idea 

of religion and law and order 

as a means of controlling others 

and uplifting themselves 

to tread upon the backs of others 

Who they fear might be a threat 

to their established world order 

and comfortably fenced neighborhoods. 
Yes, the religious and the political 

have built great white washed tombs 

and grand slave ships 

that reach far higher and wider 

In the shadows they cast

than the pyramids 

Or the plantations

and wrapped them in names like 




“heritage “, 

And the cries of the oppressed,  

the needy, 

the murdered, 

the forgotten, 

the hopeless,  

cry out against these enemies of God 

who have been bold enough to pretend 

as if they were actually servants of God.

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