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I’ve hurt people that loved me. I’ve disappointed, and I’ve broken hearts, and I’ve torn down dreams. I’ve taken advantage of, and I’ve used, and I’ve manipulated. 
If I took the rest of my life trying to make amends, there wouldn’t be enough time for all of it. If I tried to sit down and write all the names, there are so many that I would have even forgotten about. 
So who am I to stand and tell you about God, sin, death, heaven, hell, righteousness, etc? I’m a trustworthy witness who knows the temporary pleasure of all types of sin, along with their inevitable consequences — and a humble admirer and servant of the one who overcomes and empowers His people to walk in a new way of faith, truth, and love. 
You see, I’m not standing in front of you saying that I’m a good man. I could hand you a list of names who could rightfully testify against me and who wouldn’t have to speak a single lie to make me sound detestable, unforgivable, wretched, and pitiable. 

No, I don’t stand before you with excuses for my past, but I have Hope, and Faith, and Love in my present, and in my future, and for my eternity – because of Jesus Christ. That old man, he needed to die. The poison and sin and hurt and death he was sowing into this world had to be overcome by something greater, and it was, and it is, and it always will be – because of Jesus Christ. 
You see, I wasn’t a good man, and outside of Jesus Christ,  I am nothing but dust waiting to return to dust. But I’m NOT outside of Christ – He lives in me, and I in Him, and He in the Father. So I can be joyful about all of that in my past they was intended for evil, because He has turned it to good. I can look at the testimony of my new life and see the gift of this blessed assurance — not because I’ve worked harder for it, but because He has given me new desires and taught me to resist those things that once held me captive. I’m not saying that I’ll never stumble again, or that I will never hurt again, but I’m telling you that it is now contrary to the Spirit placed in me that I’m learning to trust and follow.
And I’m talking about it, because it really is such a better life. He truly is such a sweet, sweet Lord.
I pray that you know Him, friend. His grace is the best prize you’ll ever not have to try to win, because He offers Himself freely to all who will come and believe. Come see the change that fresh, cleansing waters and hot, refining fire will have for your life. 
Come and live.

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