Free from Guilt and Shame?

Even the wicked wish to be free from guilt and shame. Even the enemies of God wish wicked men to be free from guilt and shame with their consciences seared  — so they are free to be twice the child of hell that they were before encountering that false prophet who says,  “Eat your fill of sinfulness, pride, and wickedness. It will not kill you.”
But the true Savior and Lord doesn’t just save from shame and guilt, but transforms lives through His mastery and lordship over the life laid down to follow in His footsteps. Salvation coupled with Redemption and Sanctification. Not a man striving to be good enough, but Christ demonstrating through a man that He has won the victory and that sin and death are overcome and have no place in the temple were the spirit of the Lord dwells. 
I say this,  because if all you are seeking is escape from shame and guilt, there are two very different masters you can run to for comfort on that issue, so be very careful. 
But if you are seeing to escape your own wickedness, and to live with God and walk in His way — draw close to the one whose salvation turns you away from death and leads you to life.  
Pray for the Lord to forgive you for your sins, to pour out His spirit and divine nature upon you, to give you a new heart that desires the things He desires, to guide you in wisdom and understanding, to heal your unbelief, and to guard the Word that He has planted in your heart FOR HIS NAME’S SAKE. Because you are trusting in His promises, your hope is growing up into faith, and your faith is producing love — all by the power of the Holy Spirit of Christ who lives in the heart of the believer. Rise up and walk in life. Death is overcome. Amen.

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