“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” – Matthew 6:21 NLT

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” – Matthew 6:19‭-‬21 MSG

We desire what we truly treasure. We desire what we truly believe is of value.

Is it that hard to understand why so many end up fashioning a personal concept of God in the image of what is comfortable and easy for them too accept without having to change anything in their lives? Doesn’t it speak to the value they place on their own opinions, feelings, thoughts, in comparison to the value they place on God, on His Word, on His commandments, and on His promises?

And we say this as if we are holding up any outstretched pointing finger to point at a far away “them” as if it hasn’t been us who have forgotten what is truly valuable, precious, and eternal. But no, we too have to admit that we have fallen short in this area, because if we truly believed the truth about heaven and hell, about the wicked and the lost facing damnation and eternal separation from God, about Faith coming by hearing the Word of God, and about Faith being the only way that we can please God, and about God coming to live in us and through us to carry this Good News to the end of the earth to see the captives set free — wouldn’t we be a quite peculiar and different type of person than the rest who are content with piling up treasures and pleasures from this world?

What an interesting study that would be, to examine how much focus and effort and attention is spent chasing after things of this world rather than things of an eternal, spiritual, godly nature! Could we gain some insight into what it is we truly treasure? And thereby gain some understanding about what it is that we truly BELIEVE is valuable — in essence, where we have placed our Faith.

What an insightful endeavor that might prove to be, to measure and examine our Faith in God not by our knowledge or understanding, not by our denominational membership, not by our participation in religious ceremonies, but by an examination to seek out the evidence of God where we say out is that He lives – IN US. At least, that is the claim that Christians must make of they say they are saved, right — “raised to new life in Christ” we PROCLAIM. “Born again as a new creation, alive in the Holy Spirit of God” as Jesus Christ told Nicodemus in John 3 that must be true for anyone to ever enter into heaven, into eternal life.

Yes, this has been the claim of many mouths throughout the ages, but lying tongues cannot hide what confessing hearts reveal, right?

Let’s look at where our money is invested – in the things of God or in the things of the world?

Let’s look at where our time is invested – in the things of God or in the things of the world?

Let’s look at the content we consume – books, movies, radio, television – Is it equipping and preparing us for the purpose and calling God has for each of us to glorify His name and reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Let’s look at what comes out of our own mouths — is it blessing, or is it cursing — is it praises, or is it grumbling?

What can we say we have truly treasured today with this day given to us freely to spend as we see fit? Can we say that we have spent wisely or foolishly based on what we PROFESS is truly valuable to us?

If a man says that He sees no value in God and He lives like hell, there is no reason to doubt his convictions — but what about a man who says the Lord is his prize and portion but who loves and chases and lays in His sin time and time again? We might say that a man like this had the hope of one day seeing the value of the Lord, but if his desire is continually for the things the Word of God says are not only worthless and fading, but are a dangerous and deadly distraction from what truly is valuable — what can be said about what such a man really believes is valuable in this very moment.

Oh, I pray that we rrepent while there is still time. And let’s don’t think that trying to change our outward behaviors to give stronger evidence to our verbal claims is the way. No, that might last for a moment as we strive in our weakness and fail time and time again — but we need that wisdom that comes from above, that gift of a measure of faith that overcomes our disbelief, that spirit and nature of God poured out upon His people, that new heart with new desires because the law of Christ is written on it, that life sealed by the healing and redeeming touch of Christ.

Yes, we need something supernaturally so far beyond theological study or debate that it dumbfounds the wise just like it dumbfounded the religious teacher, Nicodemus. Yes, we need a teacher and guide and priest way above the likes of mere men.

Do you know this teacher today?

Do you value Him?

Do you treasure Him?

Do you desire Him so deeply that all else seems as dust and ashes being burned away?

Ask truly, answer truly, examine truly.

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