Big Questions from Little Ones

“What does virgin mean?”, my 6 year old asked last night during our Facebook live study on Luke 3 (that doesn’t even mention that word). Ill post the YouTube link in the comments later today once I get it published so you can enjoy our candid reactions. 🙂

And that leads is into this morning’s events most beautifully, where you will see this pattern continue…

Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.
Proverbs 29:25 NLT

We do several devotionals each morning together as a family. The first is “Mia’s devotional” which we read from “The One Year Devos for Girls 2”.

The devotional in it was about valuing the Word of God:

We then read as a “Family Devotional” from “The One Year Family Devotions”.

And today’s lesson was about valuing life:

Mia had mentioned the word “virgin” last night in our Mia, Daddy & Friends study on Luke 3 when it talked about Herod taking Herodius (his own brother’s wife) as his own and how John the Baptist had been put in jail for calling that sin. While on the live Facebook feed, she asked, “What does that mean?” And in case other children might watch the feed, I redirected so that we could talk with her later in private about that sensitive subject.

When Mandee was reading this morning’s family devotional and it discussed the topic of abortion, she too knew that this could raise sensitive questions from our 6 year old daughter and she almost stopped mid-lesson, but I encouraged her to continue. I don’t want Mia to get the impression that we want to sweep such questions under the rug to not be answered or talked about. So we finished the lesson, and we will have a talk with her about her question from last night as well.

Our prayer this morning as a family was that we would be hungry for the Word of God and bold to stand firm in the truth. Then I began my daily studies, which include a daily Bible verse from a widget I have on my phone from

So this underscores for me that I do not need to be hesitant to answer such questions or to stand firm in what the Word of God says and to conform my thoughts, wires, and actions to align with the Word of God, unashamedly.

If I was ashamed of truth, ashamed of discussing things openly and transparently with my daughter, she might learn that she had to go elsewhere for answers — and they might not give her answers that line up with the Word of God. If we were ashamed of the Word of God, we might have crumbled under the pressure of political correctness and not read the truth about God’s view on the value and importance of life even while still in the womb. And these things of left to gain a foothold in our lives could lead to an absence of truth and open the door to all kinds of deception in the future.

We must be bold to read the truth, to not shy away from it to prefer our own opinions or what is comfortable, and we must speak the truth and live it, because so much is at stake in our testimony and our leading our families along this narrow path.

Lord, help us to trust fully in you. Our HOPE is find in you alone. Help stir and hunger for your Word in us. teach us to walk in FAITH. Help us to value what you value. Teach us to LOVE and to forgive others and ourselves. And help us to repent and stand boldly in your TRUTH. Amen.

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