Give Love

I like this video because it stirs feelings in a positive way and prompts us to positive action:

But I believe that it could still be even better with one little reminder:

Give a little love to a stranger today.

Not because you expect you’ll get it back from the world, but because Christ loves you and already gave you so much — and He compels you to go out and overflow from the flood He has placed in you.

Feel like you only have a trickle from which to share? Come to The Well and drink from the fountain of life, Jesus Christ. He isn’t far away, but is close and abiding in His saints — those who believe and love Him and are called according to His purposes.

Do you not know that you are a vessel for His Holy Spirit?

Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Call out to Him, seek Him, knock persistently and you will find the gate is open, and He will reveal to you that He has never left you.

He will heal your lame legs so you can walk upright. He will give you sight to see what is the right way to go. He will make straight what was once crooked. He will heal your ears so that you can hear His Word as loving correction and discipline for your good, not as judgement and condemnation for your harm.

Come, surrender your WHOLE life to Him, and see the glories that He has in store for you and for others through you.

Now that you see, go, and share. Love one another. Remind each other of His return. Stir each other to good works. And resist evil and it will flee. For you are a living testimony, you are a bright shining reflection, a testimony to be lived out of Christ victorious over sin and death.

Love much and forgive much, because you have been loved and forgiven much.

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