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We talked tonight about several online tools that I find helpful in studying, counseling, making decisions, etc. So I’ve gathered links from several of my favorite sites (and apps), along with an explanation of how I use them.

Youversion.com/Bible.com App

This website (and especially their app) makes it easy to flip through, read, highlight, and even copy/paste sections of scripture for use in messages, Facebook posts, etc. It offers any easy drop down to switch to your favorite translation, and the app even allows you to have the whole bible downloaded for offline reading, and it even offers listening to recorded audio readings in your choice of translation that are very good quality.




Open Bible Topical Search

This is a great search for finding scripture about a specific topics, for study, counseling, or whatever the purpose when you want to know what the Bible has to say about a particular topic. If you type into Google search “Bible say about willful sin” (or any other topic), the first option is probably going to be Open Bible’s topical search results on that subject. This is a heat resource, because it doesn’t give commentary, opinion, or application, it just gives you a list of related verses. Now I do suggest you then go and read that whole section of surrounding scripture and not just that one verse alone– so that you understand the context, original meaning, and right application.




Bible Project / Read Scripture App

Need an overall understanding of a book of the Bible or concept/thread in the Bible drawn out for you in an easier to understand graphical explanation? This group is your source for the 10,000ft view. Their smartphone app is also pretty awesome.




Bible Study Tools Commentaries

This is a great resource for commentary on specific chapters and verses you are studying. If you type into Google search “Proverbs 1 commentary” (or any other book and chapter), the first option is probably going to be Matthew Henry’s whole Bible commentary from this site for that particular chapter — and if you add to the end of your Google search “Proverbs 1 commentary gill” you will probably get Gills exposition from this site as the guest result. There are also other valuable commentaries and resources on this site:




Bible Hub Parallel

This is a great resource for understanding different nuances that are a part of the translation process for varying Bible translations. If you type into Google search “biblehub proverbs 1:1” this site’s parallel result are usually the first result and you can see multiple translations of that one verse all on the same page for comparison.




Blue Letter Bible Intralinear

This is a great resource for looking into the original language and wording (Hebrew, Greek). I suggest the desktop version of this site as opposed to the mobile version. For this site, go to the main site, then enter chapter and verse or search terms and then dig in from there, once you click on a specific verse, you will see both English and original language weeds for comparison, along with strong’s concordance numbers for reference that you can click to see the original meanings for the original language. You can even see other verses in the Bible where that word was used so you understand it’s biblical context and use.




PrayerMate App

Want to keep up with varying prayer requests and sort them into lists so you don’t forget someone’s request? Want to be able to say, give me X number of folks to pray for right now based on how much time you have and our roll through your lists fairly, eventually getting to everyone by rotating through your various lists of requests? This is your app for that!


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