Need some encouragement like Paul gave Timothy?

Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses.
1 Timothy 6:12 NLT

“Fight the good fight”

– put in work and effort, not primarily because you are working to gain something in return, but because you have received so much through Christ and have realized that His way is best and that He is worthy of all glory and honor

– resist the evil schemes of the enemy, and the trappings of worldliness, and the desires of your eyes, the cravings of your flesh, and the pride that wells up

– serve, love, and do not grow weary in your good works

“the true faith”

– there are many false faiths, many false gospels, many deceived but professing Christians who have not been born again by the power of the Holy Spirit, who only have religion, ceremony, tradition, knowledge, theology but who have no true understanding that comes from the spirit and not just the mind.

– have that true faith that comes from the one true source, that is taught and led by the Spirit of Truth and that tests all things by the Word of God

– have that true faith that produces outward fruit that is evidence of the deeply rooted vine of life — that the Law of Christ that fulfills the law and that overcomes sin and darkness is written upon our hearts and convicts, teaches, disciplines and corrects our thoughts, words and actions by the Holy Spirit that abides in us

“Hold tightly to the eternal life”

– we hold tightly to that which we truly treasure, so of we trample upon something even though we say we value it, we would prove ourselves deceived liars. So we value this gift of eternal life, and we value Christ, and we value His instruction and guidance in godly living and we turn away from the ways of the world and away from wickedness and from self serving to a life laid down to live in Christ, walking in Spirit not in flesh, bearing the fruit of His Spirit, sharing this Good News, and teaching and equipping and helping and loving one another

“to which God has called you”

– this salvation, this faith, it is not something that you have earned by your own striving or effort, but it is a gift from God, a spring of life that has welled up in you from the source, so do not boast in yourself or compare yourself to others, because your grace, your faith, your gifts and your talents are a gift from God — and to whom much is given in planting, much is to be returned at harvest

“which you have declared so well”

– some are quite better at declaring than abiding, and these should find peace and quiet like Martha’s sister Mary, rather than find themselves the very busy bodies and vocal hypocrites that Jesus opposed so strongly

“before many witnesses”

– you have many eyes upon how you live and how your life speaks each day. Many are looking for a sign, some evidence that this gospel that we speak about Jesus Christ come to live in and through His people is true. What will your witnesses have to say about your life’s evidence today? Will they see Jesus Christ living in and through you? Are you alive in Christ?

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