One man comes to battle
with armor, shield, and sword..
the other comes a singing,
as a lowly shepherd boy…

One mocks insisting warfare,
The other stands in love,
But He is wiser than the serpent,
Even harmless than a dove…

It is not his intention
To destroy his mortal foe…
But this stone he wields
Bests the arrow from a bow…

It always hits its mark
It’s aim is always true
Because this is not a war
Between the me and you…

This is a mighty warfare
Sent down from up above
To reveal to all His victory
To testify His love…

So fall upon your knees
And fall upon your face
Our savior is the victor
And we have won the race…

Put down the sword you hold now
For its not by sword we live…
But in the masters arms
He has so much to give…

So abandon worldly wisdom
And rest upon His grace…
And in this you will find
His kiss upon your face.

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