My response to compliments

If I’m a better person today
than I was in days gone past
It’s because true “Jesus change”
Is change that always lasts.

You see,

I used to try and try
To always get my way
No matter, whatever the cost
No care, whatever the play.

But I met this wonderful man,
I found Him in this book,
It’s called the Holy Bible,
And He’s changing my whole look.

I can see the changes
These things He’s teaching me
To care about you
To love all of WE.

I know it seems religious
I know it resembles the fake
But this Jesus living inside me
It’s something I just can’t shake.

He’s touched me and He’s changed me
He’s making all things new
And if you’ll get to know Him closer
He’ll do a great work in you.

So when you have that need
And when you hear that call
Reach out reach out to Jesus
And make Him your all in all.

For nothing will shine brighter
And nothing taste as sweet
As when you meet my Jesus
And kiss His nail pierced feet.

His love is overwhelming
His forgiveness is complete
And when you meet my Jesus
Your new start will be complete.

So step out on this journey
step out, step out in faith
This narrow path we follow
Won’t forever wait.

Our every day is numbered
Our time is drawing near
So cry out to my Jesus
And He will meet you here.

He lovingly made you precious
And beautiful in His own eyes
He speaks to you the truth
And casts away the lies.

For He is your dear Father
In heaven up on high
And when you call on my Jesus
It’s you He can’t deny.

So call on my dear Jesus
And know Him close and dear
And nothing, even death
Shall you ever fear.

But even more than that
You’ll begin to take His form.
He’ll be recognized in you
And that’s far, far from the norm.

So walk with my dear Jesus
Stay right there by His side
He will never leave you
And He will never hide.

Look up look up to Jesus
In Him you can truly trust
And if you want to truly live
In Him, in Him you must.


God bless you, Tonya Pinkleton, for honoring Him this morning by honoring me. Your kind words inspired me to put this poem down in words this morning. Thank you.

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