[Mia, Daddy & Friends] Deuteronomy Intro

My daughter and I have been taking a book of the Bible and studying it chapter by chapter, verse by verse, for several years now. About a year and a half ago, we started sharing these studies online as “Mia, Daddy & Friends”. And we’ve really enjoyed the feedback that we’ve gotten from friends, family, and even those who “used to be strangers to us”.

Different times of year and different needs and demands mean that we don’t have a religious schedule that we stick to in turning out these videos — and many times our devotions and studies need to be more situationally specific. Also, we want to be sure that the time and effort involved in setting up and producing these online videos don’t detract from the learning and application in our lives.

We aren’t looking for Internet attention, but are simply sharing our faith openly and transparently with others by virtually opening our doors and welcoming you into our household to see what our Bible study looks like, with all of our fumbles over pronouncing words, asking and answering questions to our best ability, and talking about how it pertains to our faith, or lives, and most importantly to Christ Jesus.

To date, we’ve gone all the way through the gospels of Matthew and Mark, and we are part of the way through the gospel of Luke. However, Mia wanted to start studying a book in the Old Testament as well, and she chose the book of Deuteronomy, because she had heard somewhere “that no one really takes the time to read Deuteronomy”.

So here we are starting this next adventure into Deuteronomy:

Hope you get something from this too, because it sure is a blessing to us.

NOTE: Check out The Bible Project here that has amazing video and study resources that we use in many of our studies:


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