Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.
John 14:6 NLT

In today’s world, the concept of there being One Truth, one singular, exclusive way — goes against the social norms of letting everyone decide for themselves what is right or wrong, etc.

But we hear Jesus making such an “exclusive” statement such as this — and even though it is no different than any other singular truths — like the truth that light in a certain frequency range is the color green — like the truth that people with certain DNA and body parts are male/female — like the truth that people who refuse to believe the truth and make up their own opinions don’t “change the truth” but are delusional and deceived — like the truth that some of the people who consider themselves to be more spiritual and discerning than you and I are quick to forward and share things on Facebook that are clearly lies and deceit that could have been uncovered by a quick check on the source of the message they are passing along.

This week, I saw people who consider themselves in spiritual leadership forwarding messages about “free money” from a clearly and obviously fake Tyler Perry profile. The love of money and the spreading of that message of lies instead of spreading the Word of God not only wastes opportunity, but it is damaging to their testimony even while it clearly reveals something that “isn’t quite right”. If they can’t see the obvious lies, what lies are they passing along as “prophecies” to an unwitting people because they can’t tell the voice of their father from the voice of The Father!

I’m saying this, because there is One Truth, and those serving up attractive and comfortable and worldly lies aren’t serving the Lord.

Don’t look at the Word of God, at the One Truth, then decide for yourself another truth and then tell me that you are in an active relationship and powerful ministry for the Lord. The light has nothing part with darkness. Repent, you who are deceived, and have your garments cleaned by the blood of the lamb, and stand firm to the end. If you aren’t sure that something is true, hold your tongue, wait before clicking that forward button, do not continue being tricked and deceived into spreading lies. Stop chasing after attention, likes, followers, passionate responses from others, etc. Seek the will of God, and do it.

So someone, rightly so is going to say to this, “You’re good at seeing specks, but where is your log, brother?” And I will answer you as honestly and truthfully as I am able. My log is that I have listened too closely to those who are very educated in the scriptures and who speak and recite the written Word eloquently, and I have not listened closely enough to those who are actually living out lives of sacrificial love towards their brothers and sisters, towards the lost, and even towards their enemies. I have longed at times to be a religious teacher instead of a suffering servant discipline of Christ. I have set my eyes upon the religious pyramid and sought to stand up front and speak from my loud mouth more than from the quiet but steady example of my life.

There is only one way. No one comes to the Father but through Christ Jesus — not by building up a great reputation, not by building great religious legacies around us, not by joining a church, not by saying a certain prayer, not by water touching our bodies in a certain ceremony, not by being a certain tribe or nationality or community of people.

Exclusivity. Only by Christ.

If you believe, then you know your place, you know what lies ahead, and you know your purpose for today.

If you don’t, if you can’t, if you won’t — do you know what is hindering you, what is keeping you away?

Is it worth your being eternally wrong?

Will you not sell ot the truth for yourself — not through some guy talking on TV or up front, but on your own, in the Word of God, in learning how to truly pray “with God” not “at God”?

We can do this together, friend. He is THE WAY. His name is JESUS!

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