Alabaster Box

We all have an “alabaster box”, something valuable to us that we usually use for ourselves.

When there is truly a shift, a touch, a renewal — there should come with it a realization of just how much the Lord has done for us — and we will want even that “treasure” to be poured out to honor God and not ourselves.

If the outward evidence of our willingness to pour out our own personal “alabaster box” for the glory of God doesn’t exist, if it isn’t visible, if we are still clinging to it instead of God — shouldn’t we plead with God to take it from us and give us more of Him, shouldn’t we ask Him to give us the strength to pour it out, shouldn’t we ask Him to remind us of just how much He has blessed us every breath of our lives and how much He sacrificed for us on the cross?

Do we remember?
Do we believe?


Then let us pour out gratefully, tearfully, joyfully broken.



For those of you who love studying the Word of God, I pose this question:

“Concerning the alabaster box, is Luke telling of a different event than Matthew, Mark and John, or is Simon the pharisee also Simon the leper?”

For reference on “Alabaster Box”:

I appreciate your thoughts and comments below…

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