Work Hard

NOTE: It’s pretty cool to me that on this Labor Day weekend, I ended up on the subject of “Hard Work” in my studies, not by my own plan or design. And this lesson especially convicted me about at times I fall into grumbling about others in my workplace. I repent, Lord. Strengthen me to resist this temptation.


And I have been a constant example of how you can help those in need by working hard. You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” – Acts of the Apostles 20:35 NLT

Work hard.

Help those in need.


These are a burdensome calling for the proud and the selfish, right?

“Well, I’m not going to help X, because he doesn’t deserve it!”


“Well, I’m not going to help THEM. They are good for nothing.”

The Lord says that your best works are filthy rags in His eyes (Isaiah 64:6). He says that you are nothing outside of Christ (John 15:5,Psalm 16:2). He says that there is no good in you at all (Romans 7:18).

Do you believe what He says about YOU?

Man, it’s humbling to accept that I’m no more worthy than those people I grumbled about today to my friend or co-worker, right? Or maybe you’re better than me in that particular aspect but you fall short in another?

Father, forgive us. Show us the way. Give us the faith to follow you. Teach us to forgive, to be patient, to love as you love. Change our desires. Make us more like you. Convict our hearts and minds against sin, and deliver us from evil. You have all the power, all the glory, all the honor in the great work you will do in us and through us. Amen.

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