Great question:

A friend from high school posted this. I can’t speak to her heart’s reason behind asking the original question —

A) Did she genuinely want to know for herself because she iis becoming interested?

B) Did she have some level of true interest in understanding how a believer could make sense of such a thing, so that she might be more tolerant of their beliefs?

C) Did she want to use a seemingly wise presupposition in an effort to mock and ridicule Bible believing people?

D) Something else?

I could have assumed the worst and lashed out – and lost the opportunity to answer everyone that opens her post.

But her original intent (whether honorable or disingenuous) didn’t have to play into my providing a clear and understandable and reasonable perspective. I didn’t have to be lured into being offended. I didn’t have to let any assumptions or feelings guide my words. I didn’t have to do anything really. I could have ignored it and moved on, but a question about the Word of God was asked, so I remembered the gospel – and provided the answer based on the gospel. And an opportunity to share the gospel was born.

Pretty cool moment, I think. Not because I would say mockingly, “I won, you lose” as if things are “us” against “then”, but as a recognition that “He has won, and His victory is available to all.”

Now, I’ve fallen short so many times before when I saw people as the enemy and let the “troll” in both of us go to war. But iif we can remember who the true enemy is — if we can remember what it was like to be lost, blind, and deaf — maybe we can see the opportunities and actually plant a seed.

What is taught theologically about the details of this question is not quite as important as what is taught to me about how to behave — how to have the very self control and peace and trust come through in HOW it is shared, not just iin WHAT is shared. Thank you, Lord, for still teaching me that your way is best.

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