Enduring Caregiving

Have you experienced being a caregiver?

I’m finding it to be a valley where one must take refuge and trust in the Lord just to survive.

Grandpa had a very bad night. Not sure how much sleep grandma was able to get. He was loud and active all night — either wanting his pants off (he’s naked already), or to get up to pee every few minutes (he has a catheter in for that), and would either forget what I just told him, or just wouldn’t believe it. So hour after hour of telling him the same thing over and over while I’m also sleep deprived myself.

He’s still very restless.

I thank the Lord for giving me the love and patience to endure this without making me angry with him — THIS TIME. (No, I’m not perfect either.)

Sometimes it is hard not to get angry with grandpa when he’s out of his mind and saying nasty and mean things to us while we are trying to love and serve him. But I need to remember who the real enemy is that is whispering such lies.

Pray that we can get him comfortable and that grandma can get some rest. We do not need for the hardship to wear on all of our health further to the point that it affects our ability to provide him with care ourselves.

Pray that the Lord will continue to keep us on the right path, guarding our minds, and loving him even when he acts like an enemy — just like Christ did for us on the cross.

In fact, this is our service to Christ Jesus, that we love and take care of Bill, not out of burden and obligation, but in surrender and appreciation, and in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit He had placed in us. Let us be the sheep of Matthew 25, not the goats, and let it all be for His glory and honor.

Love you! Amen.

A song I recently recorded with a friend helps remind me:

And another wonderful reminder:

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