Rightly Divide

“Conservative” friends —

If we EACH would more often open our homes to those in need —

And EACH go to serve and help others who don’t look like us, should like us, or love like us —

Instead of just writing a comfortable check “out of our excess” to calm our conscience that we “did something” —

Our cries about what is “right” and “just” and “secure” would not clang so much like the annoying bell of hypocrisy —

And that bell might not testify to the truth of many who are only protecting their own comfortable prosperity and luxury, while excluding others from basic necessities.

And my “liberal” friends —

What right do you have to demand out of the hard working man to give to the lazy man what you refuse to demand from the lazy man to give for himself?

Instead of “reacting” to the worst we recognize in others and swinging as far in opposition to try and “right the boat” with political divisiveness, how about we all just get into the middle where there is reasonableness and room for discussion. I’m not asking you to compromise your beliefs or integrity, but many are so far off the reservation in each direction that people are falling off the edge of the boat and drowning in radically stupid and hypocritical views that just make absolutely no sense to a sane person.

You who know the Lord and rightly count yourself a bought and sold slave to allegiance in neither of these two “parties” —

Remain vigilant in your prayers, active in your service, bold in your faith, and humble in your rest.

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