God’s Plan Amidst Man’s Rebellion [Whole Bible – Day 2]

From the beginning and all the way through until the end, we can see God’s perfect plan in contrast to the wicked ways of men. Whether it is Adam and Eve’s fall in the garden, Cain’s envious, murderous treachery towards his brother, Lamech’s escalation to prideful bragging about his murderous actions to his wives, or Herod’s willingness to murder scores of little children — we see that the actions of men towards one another are selfish and envious and prideful and hateful and murderous and deceitful. But we see All Powerful God showing restraint, mercy, love in a stark contrast to the ways that men seek power over one another by subjugation, persecution, abuse, etc..

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One thought on “God’s Plan Amidst Man’s Rebellion [Whole Bible – Day 2]

  1. I love that we can see how true it is, that there is not even one of us that is faithful and true, that there is no good in us apart from Christ, that we have no righteousness of our own — whatever “good” is seen of us is either feigned and falsified like a fig leaf covering our nakedness (because there is only one who is good and that is God) — or it is the indwelling of Christ in us, of God come to truly tabernacle with His people. Because only He can provide the covering for sin just like He provided the skins from the animals to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve. It is only by the grace of God that we have the opportunity of blessed obedience — and what a blessed deliverance it is from slavery to guilt and shame and sin and pride when we will remain in Him and not hinder His Lordship and leading of our lives in what is best and most abundant. Hallelujah!


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