God provides Salvation [Whole Bible – Day 3]

Just as the ark was a salvation for Noah who walked with God and marks the wrath poured out upon that evil generation — Jesus is salvation for those who walk with God and He marks the wrath that will be poured out on this evil generation.

We see the clear example of families, of bound relationships – Male and female — not just in Noah’s family members, but in the animals as well who were given entry into the ark. And this same bond, in order to enter into salvation, we must have with Christ Jesus — we are betrothed to Christ Jesus as His Church, as the active body of His Kingdom he on earth as He is in heaven.

And God chose Noah to enter into this available salvation that was made through the Ark — Noah did not come up with the idea or bargain or pay for his ticket in any way. And those men and women not chosen perished. And the animals did not goad Noah into choosing them and didn’t trade favors to earn their passage — Noah chose them. Just like we, His elect, were chosen before the foundation of the heavens and the earth, to be given this free gift of salvation, of faith, of repentance — that is not of ourselves, so that we may not boast, but is a free gift of God. We who are called and chosen can enter in through Christ into this new life — rescued from death and sin and shame and hopelessness and the darkness.

Christ is the son in whom God is pleased, and when I am covered in His righteousness — it isn’t that the name of Harold Ballinger gets to share in the glory that is Christ’s so that I might sit in a place of honor. No, any real good that comes from this vessel is just Him using me as the conduit, so all the glory and honor is his. A lamp and a lightbulb will never produce light until the electricity flows through to produce the light. A man can participate in flipping the switch, but in the absence of electricity the will be no light, no matter how much show or pretense is put on by the man to claim that he has the power to illuminate! So we who have heard the call, we mustn’t think so much of ourselves for being chosen. We mustn’t think so much or so little of ourselves for whatever measure of faith we are given compared to another. We mustn’t concern ourselves with whether we are first on the ark or last, or if we are like the smallest of creeping things that was spared or the largest of beasts — whether we are the fastest cheetah or the slowest sloth, whether we are like a worm wriggling in the ground or an eagle who can soar on high — we were chosen with a purpose and a plan.

No sense looking back at what ifs and regrets to see our future opportunity turned to motionless and ineffective salt like Lots wife, or too be anxious about tomorrow and miss out on the blessing of being safe in the ark today. He has called you and chosen you, beloved child of God! Remember that! Believe it! And listen to what Jesus preached then and what you must preach now as well — first to yourself and then to the ends of the earth — Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Amen!

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