Fearfully Blessed

Suggested Reading:

Genesis 42

Genesis 43

Matthew 14:22-36

How often does the blessing come through something that appears fearfully dangerous?

Whether it was Joseph’s brothers casting him in the pit and selling him off, Joseph being falsely accused and imprisoned, a famine coming upon the land and forcing Joseph’s brothers to travel to Egypt for food, Joseph’s brothers being accused of being spies, a scary sight of something approaching upon the water that the disciples could not yet recognize, or the waves and wind around Peter as he was walking upon the waves — without going through these unexpected and even “fearful” circumstances — that seemed unfortunate and uncomfortable and may have even stirred up whispers from the enemy that this is “unfair” to sow seeds of doubt in each instance — the real blessing within the trial would not have been received.

It is easy to think of blessings in the form of things you can touch — because it is a thing clearly tangible and present. And even those unseen things that trigger taste, seeing, hearing and smelling, we learn at an early age are not just figments of our imagination. But are these things that will rot and rust and one day no longer exist more, or are the actually less substantial and real and eternal than the things of our soul?

What about those received blessings of wisdom, faith, and repentance — those gifts from God that mold and shape our very character and nature and desires? Aren’t these the greatest treasures of the Kingdom of God, even above comfort, health, honour among men, or a fattened belly?

Isn’t the treasure of being conformed to the image of Christ worth going through the flame? And hasn’t He brought us through every time before? What an amazing way He takes those whi walk with Him — along the treacherous valleys and the awe inspiring mountaintops! Too few times do we keep our eyes upon Him instead of looking at the circumstances and sink like Peter, but how wonderful His grace and mercy is displayed in our weaknesses. Yes, that Christ be glorified and not ourselves. Amen!

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