When I Think of You

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.
Philippians 1:3 NLT

How sweet it is to think of a person or people and immediately thank God for them! How full of sight and love and grace and peace to see Christ in them and not focus our eyes upon their shortcomings and failures!

If this is a rare occurrence for us — might it be a convicting revelation to us that it may be more about the eyes with which we are using to examine others rather than something wrong with God’s perfect plan and timing playing out around us?

Are we setting our thoughts and mind upon the things of God and preaching the Word of God and carrying along with us the presence of God that moved even through Peter’s shadow as he walked by to bring healing and restoration to all within reach. If we are not seeing evidence of life around us, what are we carrying with us — what seed are we sowing — is it love? Is it Christ? Is it truth? Or have we been counterfeit and self serving, even in our outward religious appearances?

It is true that some we cannot look at who are loveless and religious and selfish and proud and who are clearly lost and imprisoned and sowing the seed of the enemy — and while we may not see God in such people who are enemies of God and seek to oppose ther children of God, we can surely see the opportunity for God to move mightily upon even those who hate and seek to murder Christians — like He did with Paul at the Damascus road.

Without vision, the people perish. Can you see such things, you who seek to lead others? Or have you been a blind guide as well?

Lord, teach us to look at each other and praise God. Amen.

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