Can Anybody Hear Me

Original lyrics: Harold “Hop” Ballinger aka SparklecityHop

It feels like life’s waves

Are gonna wash me away

Don’t know which way to go

Don’t even know if I can stay

[Can you even hear me?]

They pull me back and forth

Like I have no control

This struggle inside of me

Is it fire or is it cold

[Can anybody hear me?]

Don’t even do the things I want

Couldn’t even tell you any dreams

I’m only hanging by a thread

Or that’s sure the way it seems

[I’m drowning in the silence!]

Is there anybody out there

Does anybody really care

Oh, they tell me you’re a Savior

But are you really even there

[Are you really even out there?]

If I call out your name

If I turn and go your way

Are you faithful to your promise?

Do you do, and not just say?

[Tell me, Jesus]

Will you bring me hope and joy?

Will you walk here by my side?

Will you take this old dead man?

And bring him back to life?

[Please help me, Jesus]

Voisey Beat : Ocean – Loop 1 by stargate music

2 thoughts on “Can Anybody Hear Me

    1. Thank you. I think that I’m much better at writing lyrics than coming up with an appropriate tune at this point. I need to pair up with an instrumentalist that understands musical theory and how the tune and timing can communicate emotion better.


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