Grazing or Bingeing?

My friend Brian Eshelman commented on a Charles Spurgeon sermon that thou can read here in full: I wonder not as much whether at times a sermon has been lacking in food for my soul so that I could point a finger at any certain teacher and question their anointing or the status of their closeness with the Lord (though we who preach should be quite mindful ourselves of such dangers) — but I wonder how often I may have been judging the value and purpose of a meal based on my own feelings, thoughts, and conclusions in the moment — expecting revelation to always and continually shoot straight up high into the like a weed that will wither, instead of trusting that the Word itself is doing work to build a strong root system that I might not even be aware of yet, but that will support a strong tree.It reminds me that the Lord promises grazing beside still, calm waters and peace in the storm — not immediate gratification of my wants and desires.Are my spiritual “expectations” like a “Karen” at Burger King demanding “her way” and demanding it “right now” — or am I content to wait for the smoker to cook to perfect tender perfection a steak that has been aged to perfection?Patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.While impatience is pridefully demanding an expectation that we have about how something “should be” because we disagree with what sovereign Almighty God has revealed in the reality of our circumstances.How often have we aligned with that enemy of God in our grumbling and impatience instead of glorifying God and trusting Him fully?I see much room for repentance in this area. Lord forgive me and help me. Amen.

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