What if we preach Repentance?

“Repent” is a powerful message. And the place of our own heart will determine how we hear it. Three people can hear the call to “Repent” and the humble one will receive it as grace and hope, the proud one will receive it as judgement and condemnation, and the lukewarm and complacent one will pay little attention to its call on their own personal life.

The message of Jesus is not “buy fire insurance and do whatever you want without consequence” but it is a call to repentance — it is a call to return to The Way of God, to trust Him, to seek Him, to find Him, and to walk with Him.

If you have not heard this message of repentance that Jesus preached, but have only heard a different message that is all about saying something at least once in your life to know you aren’t going to burn in Hell someday — I encourage you to dig deeper personally in your seeking God.

Because for His own, He will walk with you Now. He will teach and guide you Today. He is not absent and quiet.  He is near and will never leave you or forsake you. If you have a regular spot in a religious gathering but you don’t have Him, I encourage you to seek Him and find Him. To be touched by Him and walk with Him now is the greatest thing to prepare us for being with Him in eternity.

God bless, and let’s all repent and draw close to the Lord. Amen.

One thought on “What if we preach Repentance?

  1. Really enjoyed getting to talk with my friend Michael Mcleymore yesterday on the phone for a while. Time with him, whether it is in the trenches or on the mountaintops, is always so very sweet for me. I am always encouraged, and I am always challenged (in good ways) when we speak.

    He isn’t just an echo chamber that tells me what I want to hear, nor will he beat me up if he sees something in me that I’ve overlooked about myself.

    He loves me and I love him. And the sweet aroma of the Lord is all around Him like an intoxicating presence — that breathes life and suffocates death.

    This morning, I’m grateful for the message of “Repentance” that Jesus preached then, and preaches now through us. Amen.


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