Moments Together

I loved worshipping tonight at 4 Points Church’s Christmas Eve Eve service. Even as I sank into deep, intimate and personal worship — with people of all ages in attendance, I could appreciate that there were so many people in different places in that moment. Some youth in awe of what was happening around them, some children too young for their attention to hold out, some adults making it through another obligatory appointment on their busy holiday schedule, some worn and tired from a hard week, some trying their best to put on their best smile, some like me not really knowing which way is up but hopeful for an opportunity for God to show up.

As I was contemplating the deep things of communion, my young daughter was more captured and curious and inquisitive about the details of the moment — the little wafer and what it represented, the way the wax melted on the candles, when we were supposed to do this or that.

I laughed at myself for almost having to come out of the transe-like state of worship to answer her questions or help her understand the experience. But instead of being frustrated that my worship was “interrupted” or that she didn’t already “know how to act” – I realized there was a great moment for me to be right there by her side “in her moment” with her exactly where she was — instead of far away in my own.

And it reminded me that’s exactly the Christmas story — Emmanuel — God with us. God came to us and made Himself accessible to all of us exactly where we are.

Thank you Jesus! I love that the gospel isn’t just a “some day I’ll get to spend eternity in heaven with God” story — but is an “I get to spend this moment now with God” reality. And I love that this truth helps me value and appreciate putting aside “my moment” to appreciate someone else’s. I find myself much richer for doing so.

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