Thanks Giving

We slept late and didn’t start moving around until almost 7AM, but the beautiful sky was still there when we woke up this morning. I love how it is uniquely and beautifully painted each morning.

This morning, the blue greys of a cold winter morning behind the naked limbs of all the trees wasn’t flashy or striking — yet it made me slow down and consider how unique and beautiful it is. Like fingerprints and like people, each sky is unique — it even changes moment by moment throughout any given day. And depending on where you are standing on the earth, even at the same moment, we will see a different yet lovely sky.

We may not love every type of weather that comes from the sky. The rain might spoil our outdoor plans for the day. Or the snow might create shoveling work for us. But it all serves its purpose, even while the sky is doing its work dressed quite stunningly.

Today is a day about giving thanks. So I thought to myself and I wondered about folks who don’t believe in a creator, an architect, a painter of the skies. If they have decided it is all chaos, then what room does that leave for thanks? Do they thank themselves? Do they thank their friends, or the parents that birthed their closest friends? Or thank the individual clouds that might in a moment later be raindrops and later be a puddle on the ground? Or thank the sun the moon and the stars? Or is it a thankless life because “it just is the way that it is”? Or are they blind to the beauty of it all? Or do they thank chaos itself?

It was a curious thing for me to think about, so I was thankful to be able to consider and try to understand and appreciate what their perspective might be this Thanksgiving morning. For me, thanks giving isn’t just a one out of 365 day event — it is a way of life. And thanks giving isn’t an obligation as if my God demanded my worship. No, I can see so much blessing in my life that I can’t help but give praise.

In fact, when I’ve missed out on praise and thankfulness and worship, it isn’t God who has lost out on receiving anything, it is me because I didn’t even recognize the blessing so that I could appreciate and learn from it and grow. Blessings aren’t just a bright and sunny day of prosperity and my desires fulfilled immediately. Even the dark, stormy challenges in life bring us blessing, whether or not we are willing to see it and appreciate it.

My God has done all these wonderful things, and I am grateful. And that gratitude — that closeness to Him — is even more of a blessing than the things He gives throughout my life in order to reveal Himself to me.

I pray that you have so much to be thankful for every day, my friends!

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