Shelter and Rest

There is a shelter where we can find rest, and it isn’t lifting ourselves higher and higher, struggling to climb a ladder. The higher a man thrusts himself up a ladder, or the higher he tries to stand up on the backs of others, the more spectacular his eventual fall will be.

But a man who knows his humble part in something bigger, a man who is grateful for being a part of a vision and purpose that is greater than himself — that is a similar type of rest and protection as what us children find living in the shelter and the shadow of the Lord.

But even great causes, even great callings, and even great opportunities are not the firm foundation or the protection that us children will find in the Almighty. He alone is God, and trusting Him is a shelter and place of safety that cannot be taken away from us.

If you don’t know him,
if you don’t even believe that He is real,
if you have laughed at silly people who talk to their “invisible sky daddy”,
if you have thought that “those brainwashed people” are just following some man-made religion —
I personally invite you to come to Him,
Not an invitation to come to me,
not an invitation to join my church,
Not an invitation to follow me,
Not an invitation to be indoctrinated,
But an invitation to meet Him —
And to decide for yourself whether or not He is good.

Please don’t mishear my invitation,
Even wearing the right outfit,
and getting together on the right days,
and doing the right things,
And saying the right things,
And talking about Him,
And calling yourself by His name,
And doing things in His name,
Is NOT the same thing,
As knowing Him and trusting Him,
And Him knowing you.

So this invitation goes out to the white washed religious zealots (who are dead and rotting inside) just as strongly as to those unaware and whose seed has not yet sprouted.

The invitation is to turn to God. You might not even know yet or believe what He might touch and make better. Or you might be very educated “about” the Lord, but there is no life in your scholarly efforts and you need your life to produce fruit from His source of life, not just from your own efforts. No matter the reason that you need oil for your lamp, you are invited so don’t delay. You don’t have to clean yourself up first, come as you are. He is God and knows even better than us what we need. He is not far away, He is near.

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