Personal Goals

The details may change over time, but these should stay at the forefront of my life decisions:

1) Honor and Love God
2) Honor and Love Others
(Luke 10:27)


Here’s how.

Daily Personal Goals

Realize that I fall short of these goals sometimes(Romans 3:23), but I will never obtain them if I’m not reaching for them daily(Philippians 3:12), and if I’m not reaching for them I don’t really value them(Psalm 37:4, Matthew 6:21).

Manna (Exodus 16:12)
“First fruits” (Proverbs 3:9-10, Matthew 6:19-21) family prayer & devotional (immediately upon waking up)

Journal my devotional commentary (Mark 16:15)

Water (John 4:14)
Continual remembrance, prayer, and meditation on honoring God & sharing love and encouragement with others (Joshua 1:8)

Listen to praise music quietly while working (Psalm 119:97, Psalm 40:3)

Bread (Matthew 4:4)
Read from Bible in the free moments of time (waiting rooms, during any solitary meals, etc.) (Proverbs 18:9, Philippians 4:8)

Active praise when traveling in vehicle (Hebrews 13:15,

Family praise & prayer at meals

Family bible study, prayer & praise at bedtime

Dedicated Personal Prayer
— Focused, quiet place (if possible) (Matthew 6:6)
— Kneeling or prostrate preferably
— With Bible preferably
— Specific Praises for Today
— Guidance/Wisdom
— Conviction/Identify target areas
— Ask for measurable goals
— Intercession for others

Realize the results
— Follow up on those who have requests
— Track answered prayers
— Track measured progress on target areas

Review/Edit/Study devotional and post on blog (accountability, fellowship & evangelism)

Get adequate sleep
Eat healthy foods in moderation

Daily Armor of God

Belt of Truth
Do not be found foolish

Breastplate of Righteousness
Do not let down guard of my heart.

Do not become cold towards others.

Do not become complacent towards God.

Shield of Faith
Do not lose trust that God has everything under contol.

Helmet of Salvation
Guard my thoughts against temptation.
Do not doubt my own salvation.

Gospel Shoes
Firm foundation and understanding of the gospel, as good news and encouragement – not judgement, accusation, or condemnation.

Sword of God’s Word
Use it to cut out those things in myself that are diseased.

Examine myself first. EXAMINE MYSELF FIRST!

If confronted by sin in others, don’t attack an unbeliever with scripture.

If I’m unsure about a person’s status as a believer, or I’m encountering a believer who is not sinning “unto death”, pray instead and demonstrate a good example in my walk, not in my words.

If confronted with someone sinning unto death (Galatians 5:19 & open, intentional rebellion) & I am a watchman accepted or assigned to/for them – defend my own position for why I avoid it (practical explanation of dangers & consequences) along with what steps I take to avoid it, then back it up with specific scripture example and listen to how they understand or dismiss it.

If I see someone not under my watch sinning unto death and I feel strongly convicted, I should first ask myself is my conviction pointing out a reflection of something similar in my own life that needs to be repaired?


Honor God by leading my household:
Reduce debt, increase generosity
Weekly dedicated fun time with Mandee
Weekly dedicated prayer & Bible study with Mandee

Weekly dedicated fun time with Mia
Weekly dedicated prayer & Bible study with Mia

Become Ordained
Travel to Israel

Honor God through Ministry:

Radical Evangelism

Weekly Christian Alternatives to “the temptations within normal Club/Bar settings”

Christian Counseling

Mission (Home/Farm)
— Elderly/Homeless/Prison/Foster/Adopt
— Transitional housing
— Seminary assistance

— Retreat/Healing for those in ministry

— Preach in area churches
— Build a gathering starting in our home

Found a charitable mission

Participate in charitable mission boards

Volunteer service in church/ministry

Honor extended family:

Restored relationship with estranged biological father & that family

Provide a retreat/retirement/hospice for family and friends in the foothills of the mountains

Help others realize and accomplish their life goals

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