Prudent Man’s Peloton

I was able to put together what I call the “Prudent Man’s Peloton” for myself for right around $500 for the bike and only $12.99 a month for the Peloton app. The real Peloton bike will run you between $2000-3000 for the bike, and then another $50 a month for the Peloton classes. With this setup, you get a comparable experience at 1/4 the upfront cost and 1/4 the monthly cost as well.


Cadence Sensor:

Tablet Holder:

OPTIONAL (but recommended):

Heart Rate Monitor

If you use an iOS tablet, you can use these devices/sensors directly within the Peloton app via bluetooth and not need to use both a tablet for Peloton and phone for your sensors.

If you are on Android, you will need to install the “Wahoo Fitness App” on your phone (available on both iOS and Android), and use it to display your cadence and heart rate on your phone FREE

Install the “Peloton App” on your tablet (available on both iOS and Android), and use it to play pre-recorded “on demand” workouts or even join “Live” Peloton workouts, etc. 30 day free trial is currently available – 12.99 per month after the trial is over.

A special note, if you use the Wahoo fitness app on your phone for the sensors, you will have additional workout data that can be synced with apps like MyFitnessPal and Samsung Health, etc. So even though I am now using an iOS app for Peloton, I prefer using the Wahoo app separately for the detail and flexibility it gives me in tracking heartrate info over time, importing calorie info into my other apps, etc.

NOTE: The bike is a belt drive, so I can actually get up earlier than my wife and ride the bike while she is still sleeping. Super quiet.

The only thing that I might do differently next time is step up to the magnetic brake version bike from Sunny just for 100% consistency in my resistance settings from one without to another. Right now, I figure out whether 12, 3, 6, or 9 position is zero resistance and then every quarter turn is 10% more resistance.