Waiting not Idle

Psalm 27:14 ESV
Wait for the Lord ; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord !


So how do we wait for the Lord?

It tells us – be strong, and let our heart take courage.

This Psalm is about relying on the faithfulness of God in the face of our enemies.

And our enemies are not flesh and blood, but are the unseen forces in opposition to God’s will – those that hide in the darkness, separated from the light.

And waiting for the Lord doesn’t mean being idle,  because we are called to go forth,  to go out and make disciples of all the nations. No, it doesn’t take strength to live an idle life.

It takes strength and courage to live a thankful life dedicated to the Lord – day by day, even moment by moment – because we have hope in promises and things unseen, but that we know deep inside to be true.

So we wait in faithfulness, but we are busy with the work at hand until then.

Each day,  there are so many opportunities that I don’t want to miss. Let me walk in His strength and power today, having courage that I will be greatly used,  even in the little things, like an encouraging word, a helpful hand, a faithful prayer, sharing the Word of God – as I wait patiently,  yet I am busy with the work at hand.

So let’s wait for the Lord in strength and in courage.

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