Words and Thoughts

Psalms 19:14 NLT
May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O  lord , my rock and my redeemer.


This tongue is small,  but it’s words when let loose can have devastating consequences.

These thoughts aren’t seen by others, but left unchecked,  they can have devastating consequences on my attitude and perspective.

Since I am the temple for the presence of the Holy Spirit, don’t I want to take captive my thoughts and my words?

Those thoughts that come in unwelcomed, those temptations,  don’t I want to resist them, and pray that they be taken captive and cast out of my presence?  So I have to ask myself,  am I putting up a resistance to thoughts and temptations, or am I satisfied with letting them remain a part of my life?

And whereas those thoughts affect me on the inside, the result comes out in my words and my actions – which affects others around me. Am I bringing more light and love and forgiveness and mercy into the world each day with my words and actions, or is the darkness in my words and actions a reflection of my inner thoughts and the state of my heart?

If we spend our time just trying to clean the outside of the cup, our words and actions,  while letting our thought life run wild, we are in for a tiring battle. But if we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, and we focus on taking captive the thoughts and temptations on the inside, there will be visible changes on the outside as a result of our changed heart and attitudes.

And the best praise that we can lift up to God is not a life of continual sacrifice and prayers for forgiveness – but a life of renewal, using this Holy Spirit to take control of our lives. And we do this with time spent in an active relationship with Christ, through time in the Word,  prayer,  fellowship, and service.

Oh,  that my life might be a praise – that my story might be a life saved by His grace,  renewed by His sacrifice, and used for His glory and honor.

I love you,  friends. Have a blessed day.

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