One Name

ZEC 14:9 ESV
And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one.


Since the beginning, mankind has tried to put labels on God and define Him down into something simple enough for them to understand. And some have harnessed this universal and natural question and vacuum that is in all men that leads us to ask these questions about our creator and things spiritual that we cannot see,  but that we know exist.

And some over time have received revelations and guidance and have shared it with others in hopes that together they could work together to better understand God. But then there are also those who saw the honor that these wise men received from others and they have through the ages seen an opportunity to use this desire within others as a means to controlling the people and elevating themselves to a position of power and authority. Yes, this is how “religion” is born.

But just because there is darkness and selfish motives and atrocities that have been committed in the name of “religion” doesn’t change what these genuine seekers know to be true. You see,  there will always be men that let evil use them for their own personal gain. This is the way of men.

But the one true God,  who FULLY REVEALED HIMSELF IN THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST, He leads these seekers in ways that are not concerned with earning personal titles or favor or honor among men – because those that seek those things for themselves are nothing but hired hands, who do not care for the flock, but are practicing religion for their own personal gain. The true follower loves God and loves others, they are like their teacher, Christ,  who lives in them and through them. They will lay down their lives for the flock – not to die and receive honor or praise or reward – but to live and serve and share with others this great truth in the Good News of Jesus Christ –

That God himself,  came to live among us,  and walked a perfect life, facing all of the temptations that we face, and He overcame them to live a blameless and sinless and righteous life, and He died on the cross, taking the fullness of sin upon himself as a worthy sacrifice for our salvation, so that we can accept His offer of grace,  know forgiveness, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit living in us and through us, so that we can live a renewed life of repentance and of relationship with a living God who rose from the dead,  defeating sin and death – for me and for you. 

Yes,  He is the one true God.

His name is the name above all names.

He is Jesus Christ, do you know him,  friend?

He is a heartfelt prayer away. His forgiveness and redemption is just on the other side of a humble surrender to belief in what you already know in your heart to be true.

I love you,  friend. Have a blessed day.

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