Dude, can you turn down that light a bit?


What do we see when we look at the Bible?

Non-believers might say a story book or religion,  but expect them to not get it because they acknowledge their blindness and separation from God.

But for those who call ourselves Christians –

Do we see a book of rules,  or loving guidance? Is Jesus the “get out of Hell free card” we’ll use after we die, or is He alive in our lives today?

Are we using His Word as a light to show us the way?

Psalms 119:105, 110-111 NLT
Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. The wicked have set their traps for me, but I will not turn from your commandments. Your laws are my treasure; they are my heart’s delight.

Do we value God’s input and advice and guidance for our life, or do we just want to get our “ticket for heaven” and still live like Hell on earth?

Do we are it as a way to earn more rewards and honor and “a bigger treasure in heaven” for ourselves working as a hired hand,  or are we grateful for the opportunity to live a life honoring and loving both God and our fellow man?

Our desires tell us what we treasure.

Our desires tell us who and what is most important in our life.

So what is it today that I desire most?

Is it God?

Have we placed other desires ahead of God in our lives?

Have we placed ourselves ahead of God?

Some will read this and say that I go too far. Some will say that I ask too much. Some will say it is too much to ask that we love and value His laws and decrees – that they are a heavy burden.

But you see,  they are only a burden if we measure and judge and accuse and condemn ourselves and others with them.

But if we use them as instruction and guidance,  and encouragement, and as an opportunity to show mercy and forgiveness and honor and love to each other – to instruct and love – then,  they are not a heavy burden of rules, but are valuable instruction. They are a light for our feet.

Jesus Christ died for us and has victory over all of our sin. All of it. Yes,  all of it. Even those deep dark sins that tormented us in our past. But we can throw down that tormentor and show Him that He is powerless against us if we accept and believe Jesus Christ at His word and promises and teachings by valuing and honoring God and others and confessing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

You see, I agree that we don’t have to obey the law as a book of rules – but I believe that it is important what we do with that knowledge.

Does that knowledge make us feel free to wallow in the mud with the pigs, remaining in soon and wickedness?  Or does it result in a change in direction and the values that guide our lives?

What we do with freedom tells us what we value.

Does my life demonstrate that I value His instruction and guidance? If not, I have to ask myself if I know His Grace,  His Hope, His Redemption,  His Renewal, My Repentance.

We are either alive or dead. Period.

Are you alive today,  friend?

Do you know and value God’s guidance and instruction and conviction and light to guide you along the path today,  friend?

Or are you blind and alone,  struggling in the darkness,  tripping over and getting entangled in the traps of the enemy?

Come to the light.

Walk upright.

Know Him.

If you are shining your light,  you will find those around you that wish you would “turn it down a bit”. If that doesn’t happen, you might need to find some extra opportunities to evangelize – because you are either not shining,  or you hunkered down with like minded individuals not going out boldly to share the Good News.

Whew. I probably stepped on lots of toes there. But stay with me. I’m saying this because I love you.

There is a lost world of people that need to know and hear truth.

Do NOT tell me that you are a Christian and refuse to put up a fight against the evil in your life!

Do NOT tell me that you are a Christian and refuse to let your light shine forth to those who so dearly need Hope, Love,  Forgiveness,  and Mercy in their lives.

Do NOT tell me to turn it down a bit because the light is hurting your eyes!

Wake up.

Arise and awake from your death sleep in sin,  and awake to a new day to be lived in honor and praise for a risen Savior who knows and demonstrates love and forgiveness and mercy and righteousness – so that we might know Him and become the righteousness of God – clinging to Him,  resisting temptation, and seeing evil flee from our lives.

And this is life, to cast away the burdens that He has overcome,  and to know His love,  to know that He is true and worthy of honor and praise and glory forever.

Run from death.

Know light.

Then be the light that others might find their way.

Love you,  friend.

To those few that at times think that I’m being radical or driven by self or pride – I’m sorry that my old self gets in the way so badly,  disguising and hiding this light that is now in me. I apologize for that. And I can understand each and every one of you who doesn’t believe a single word that comes out of my mouth. I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for the hurt and lies and evil that was my old life. But he is dead. Go visit him at the tomb. He is no more. This new guy that lives in me,  He’s just getting started. So either put on your sunglasses and go back to sleep,  or rise up and get walking. I hope you’ll choose to walk.

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