Love like under Mercy, Live like under Judgement

Can I love like I know mercy, and live like I understand judgement –

Instead of judging like I don’t know love,  and living like I am expecting mercy?

The mercy we receive is supposed to bear the fruit of love and mercy and forgiveness towards others, it isn’t supposed to make us comfortable staying in our sinful ways.

What we learn about judgement is not meant so that we can use it as a weapon against others, but to convict us and change ourselves.

Oh,  how we get this twisted sometimes.

When I aim judgement and conviction at myself as a reminder of what needs to be cut out of my own life, that is using the Sword,  the Word of God,  as a surgical instrument to heal.

However, when I raise that same tool in the direction of another person,  I should ask myself if I’m a skilled surgeon who can use it effectively to help this person,  or am I a bumbling,  stumbling fool attacking them with a weapon? Am I causing harm or am I healing?

This knowledge should not discourage us from helping others,  NO! It should encourage us to prepare ourselves,  to equip ourselves,  to grow in our wisdom and understanding of this Word of God – to become proficient and effective in ministering healing and encouragement and guidance and instruction and accountability and loving correction,  for the purpose of building up the saints, preparing the troops for battle.

Arm yourself,  friend,  and make ready your companions.

This is not the time to sleep.

Your sleep is over.



Make War.

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