Who do you think you are?

Who are we, that Almighty God would take notice of us?


Who do we think we are, to believe that God himself, creator of all things in heaven and earth would even think about us for a moment?

Psalms 144:3-4 NLT
O  Lord , what are human beings that you should notice them, mere mortals that you should think about them? For they are like a breath of air; their days are like a passing shadow.

If I am only a physical body destined for death and destruction,  isn’t my short number of years alloted to walk this earth a nothing,  a breathe of air, a blink of the eye, a single grain of sand, to God who is everlasting?

No wonder the world who is veiled to the truth thinks that we are delusional and confused to say such things, let alone tell them with our mouths that we believe such things, while we fail so miserably with our actions in demonstrating our conviction and change and redemption.

No wonder the world has no faith in such a marvelous message of a perfect Christ when it’s messengers show such obvious signs of imperfection.

No wonder the Lord had to provide signs and wonders to validate His message, because we are such wretched creatures compared to the full grace of God.

Yes, this is a bold stance that we take.

We claim to not only be noticed by God,
We claim to not only speak to God,
We claim to not only be taught by God,
We claim to not only be healed and redeemed by the Almighty God,
We claim to not only have chosen Him but to have been chosen by God,
We claim to be called and elected by God Himself,
We even claim to be His children,
We claim that Christ lives inside us.

Do we see how amazing this Good News story really is, or have we forgotten,  or did we never really believe in the first place?

If we are His,  we have plenty to celebrate – but we also have plenty to mourn, for there are so many lost who need to hear this Good News message, there are so many of us that need conviction and change and transformation in our lives.

Do you know?
Are you sure?
Does your life demonstrate it?

How can we say that we know, but not be grateful,  not be changed,  not seek His Kingdom first,  not love God first,  not love others,  not forgive others, not obey His commandments – unless we are liars – even lying to ourselves?

So,  today,  in my walk,  will my actions prove my claims of having Christ in me prove to others that I am a liar,  or will there be undeniable proof that something is different,  not just in my words, but in my actions?

He died for you and I.

Do you really believe that,  friend?

If your best friend stepped out into the street to throw you clear from certain death, only to be killed themselves – wouldn’t that matter in your life?

What about a God who came to die to not just prolong the number of breaths that you get to breathe on this earth,  but to save you and adopt you for an eternal inheritance?

If it sounds like I’m dangling the carrot of reward, I’m so unskilled at delivering this message that your ears have only heard my words, not the voice within, that quiet voice of the Word of God.

I’m telling you that the victory is already won if you are His. The question isn’t about whether or not you are willing to accept the gift as much as it is a question of, “Are you His?”

If you are, then confess, believe,  accept this gift of the Holy Spirit,  Repent,  and live a new life.

If you aren’t,  that’s between you and Him.  Because some vessels are made for Holy use,  and some vessels are made for destruction and demonstration of His power.

I hope you are His,  friend. I hope you all are.

But truth tells me that few will find the narrow path,  but many will follow the path that leads to destruction.

I hope for our salvation, friend.

I have faith that we that are His will grow and learn and be taught so that we can become a reflection of our teacher,  friend.

I know Love because He loved me first.  Me who should have just been a vessel set aside for destruction, me who should have been insignificant to an Almighty God – He loves me,  so I love you,  friend.

Know that you are His.

Hear the still,  quiet voice inside calling you.

Live alive in Christ today,  friend.

Wake up from death,  and be renewed in life.

Today is a new day.

Remember who you are.

YOU are a Child of God.

Believe it.
Know it.
Live it.

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