“This do in remembrance of me.” – 1 Corinthians 11:24

With this verse,  it seems that Christians may forget Christ! There wouldn’t be a reason for this loving persuasion, if there wasn’t a fearful belief that our memories may fail and prove themselves treacherous. And this is not an empty fear: it is unfortunately true! And it is all to well confirmed in our own life experience,  not just as a possibility,  but as a sad,  sad fact.

It seems almost impossible that those who have been redeemed by the blood of the dying Lamb, and loved with an everlasting love by the eternal Solon of God, would forget our gracious Savior;  but unfortunately,  it is so clear to our eyes that we cannot deny the crime.

We forget Him who never forgot us!

We forget Him who poured out His blood for our sins!

We forget Him who loved us even to death!

Can it be possible? Yes, it isn’t just possible, but our own consciousness confesses that it is sadly a fault of every one of us, that we treat Him like a traveling man who stays with us only for a moment or a meal or a single night. He is the one that we should make the permanent tenant of our memories, but we only allow Him to be a visitor.

The cross, where you would think that we would set our minds so the memory might longer and remain, where forgetfulness of Christ would be our known enemy, it is desecrated by the wandering feet of our forgetfulness.

Doesn’t your conscience tell you that this is true?

Don’t you find yourself forgetful of Jesus?

It’s as if an enemy steals away your heart, and you forget Him on which or thoughts and affections and gratitude and love should be set. Some distraction of this world captures your attention when you should fix your eye steadily upon the memory of the cross, the price paid for you.

It is the unending turmoil and chaos of this world, the constant attraction of earthly things which pulls our soul away from Christ. Don’t we find that the mind is oh so egocentric a preserving the memory of a poisonous weed, while it allows the precious Rose of Sharon to wither.

Let’s commit ourselves to tie a heavenly forget-me-not around our hearts for Jesus our Beloved, and,  whatever else we let slip our minds, let’s hold on firmly to Him.

[ Personally Adapted from Charles Spurgeon – Mornings and Evenings – April 26 Morning ]

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