What a Sunday morning!

Proverbs 16:9 NLT
We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

Wow, what a morning!

We have been doing a song of praise each morning as a family when we first wake up then we do a children’s devotional with Mia and pray together as a family. Then as Mia eats breakfast,  Mandee and I do our daily devotional together, discuss our individual thoughts, etc. Then I focus on my daily journal/blog.

Yes, this sounds over the top to the old me. But I can’t explain what a difference this time together as a family at the start of our day is doing to get our family started out headed in the same direction.

Little Mia is not only excited about praise and actively participating in prayer, but she is engaged and interested in learning about the Lord and applying the lessons in her life. And corrections during the day are calmer and more about how we can be a better witness and growing up and change on the inside instead of just about discipline and punishment.

And it is drawing our marriage together in so many great ways. It is wonderful to be a team working together towards common goals instead of two individuals keeping score of what the other person should be doing or owes us.

Yes, this daily bread,  this manna from heaven that we consume each morning is nourishing our lives in ways we could never have imagined or believed before we tried it.

Now we get to extend our family praise and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ at 4 Points Church this morning. In my daughter’s words from this morning,  “Praise the Lord!”

I hope you each have an amazing day today. Whether you choose to join us at 4 Points Church,  or you fellowship at a different gathering place – I encourage you this morning. Step into praise and worship of the Lord, lean into Him, and Trust Him. He will guide you and lead you to wonderful places and experiences in your life.

I love you,  friend.

Have an amazing day!

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