Open the Door



What do you desire tonight? Is it heavenly things? Do you long for the glorious belief of eternal love? Do you want the freedom to be in close communion with God? Are you aspiring to know the heights, depths,  widths and breadths? If so,  you must draw near to Jesus;  you must get a clear view of Him in his preciousness and completeness;  you must view Him in His work,  in His offices,  and in His person.

The person who understands Christ receives an anointing from the Holy One, by which he knows all things. Christ is the great master key of all the chambers of God. There is no storehouse of God that will not yield and open up all is wealth to the soul that lives near to Jesus.

Are you crying out,  “Oh,  I wish that He would come live inside me? I wish that He would make my heart his home forever!”

Open the door,  beloved friends, and He will come into your souls.  He has been knocking at your door for some time now, with the whole purpose of dining with you,  and you with Him. He dines with you because you find the house of the heart, and you dine with Him because he brings the nourishment. He could not done with you if it wasn’t in your heart to find the house; and we could not done with Him,  because we have a bare cupboard unless He brings the nourishment.

So we should fling wide the portals to our soul. He will bring the love that we are longing so much to feel, and He will bring the joy that was not reachable from within our poor, depressed spirits. He will bring the peace that we were completely lacking, and he will bring an abundant feast of love. He will cheer our spirits until they have no sickness other than love overpowering,  love divine.

We only have to open the door to Him, drive out His enemies, give Him the keys to our heart, and He will live with us forever.

Oh,  what amazing love,  that would bring such a guest as Christ to live in such a heart as mine!

[ Personally Adapted from Charles Spurgeon – Mornings and Evenings – April 25th Evening ]

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