Just try it?

It’s tough to not want to drag people along with you when you think that your headed in the right direction.


But then I need to be reminded that:

1) I encounter unexpected turns in the road constantly, I can’t see past just a few steps ahead. Yes,  I know my destination, but other than staying humble, seeking God’s will, and living a repentant life loving and fearing God, what specific direction can I give other than the Word of God? If I step outside of that, I could find myself as the blind leading the blind, instead of the healed going and sinning no more and being a servant.

2) My path is mine. If I try to walk yours and you try to walk mine, we will both end up in the wrong place.

3) I don’t have to gather people. I am not alone even if no person of flesh and blood is walking beside me,  because I have the Lord with me. Even in the valley,  especially in the valley,  He is my comforter,  my shield,  my rock,  my firm foundation,  my portion.

4) I walked that far from God path myself for so very long,  and I was so hard headed that nothing that another person could say was going to change my heart. But they each planted seeds, that lay there until it was time for the Lord to say,  “Let there be light” over my life – until it was time for Him to send the waters and to spring up the new growth in my life that only His healing touch can accomplish.

So whether I’m sowing seeds or dropping crumbs along the path, just know that I do it because I love you,  friend – not because I think that I have it nailed,  not because I think that I’m right and you are wrong. It’s just the best thing that I know to do. I’ve found that great restaurant that has great food – their water and bread and meat is far above anything else I’ve ever had,  and I just want to share the news.

If you aren’t interested,  I understand – I used to hate broccoli when I was young,  but now I love it. I had to change before I liked it. But you know what,  if I had given up on broccoli and never tasted it again,  I would be missing out on one of my favorite foods right now.

Just because you’ve tried it before and it didn’t agree with you – don’t give up on it. Try it again. You just might find that your taste has changed. You might even find that is being prepared a new way that you didn’t appreciate or enjoy before. What does it cost you to try it again?


See you on Sunday,  friend – or see you when our lives pass by each other again. I just hope that we get to see each other again before too long. Have a great week.

#WeAre4Points #RunYourMouth

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