Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own _________________.

God is so good.

The words aren’t even big enough.

I don’t lean on myself,  because all that I have to lean on of my own is weakness that has been packaged up and mislabeled by “wise” men of the world as understanding, knowledge,  strength,  logic. But when it is mine alone it is weakness, it is powerless.

But in His infinite mercy,  He reveals His grace,  His power,  His honor. And He let’s me come into the presence, and my weakness is redeemed, restored,  rebuilt,  into a measure of His strength through faith.

And this is why I trust in the Lord with all my heart,  because who can I trust if not the Lord? I surely can’t trust myself, this deceitful heart of mine that will use foolish pride to elevate self and seek my own desires,  or that will stir up its humanitarian sensibilities and emotions and overlook righteousness and repentance for the sake of cheap grace.

This Grace is costly and paid at a high price. Just because the bill is already paid in full doesn’t make its value any less.

So I trust in Him,  because on my own, I will wander all about this land only passing by the narrow path of Discipleship, the calling to take up and bear my cross, and follow in His footsteps. But with Him, guiding my steps, I find myself sure footed.

Even though this is a marathon and not a sprint, I do not hold back in reserve,  lest I finish the race sooner rather than later and am embarrassed at having not strived quit hard enough to glorify my risen Savior in the manner He so deserves. And I trust that even if I find myself faint from running,  that I will not fall.

Run faster,  strive harder. Empty our tanks so that we might be filled once again to overflowing.

He prunes the fruit from the branches so that we might bear even more. Our branches can hold more fruit, so let’s grow.

Let’s reach for the sky,  let’s branch out towards the Son. Let’s dig our roots in firm to the root of His Love  and know that we are grafted into the true vine of life.

Whew! Holy Spirit,  spread like wildfire within us. Refine us,  burn away the dross. We trust in you,  Lord,  with all our heart.

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