But it feels so good…

I get it, you like your sin. You’re comfortable with it. It’s like that little blanket that you just don’t want to let go of.
It may even make you mad that I would call something so precious and valuable to you “a sin”.

It may offend you that I would be so “judgemental” to speak out against sexual immorality, impurity, fits of anger,  gossip, lying, stealing, drinking, drugs, homosexuality, abortion, pornography, selfish ambition, worldliness, jealousy, envy, hatred, swingling, manipulating, and taking advantage of others.
It may make you mad that I would talk about these things as if they were dirty and you shouldn’t be touching them,  participating in them, choosing them instead of “God’s way”.

You may say things like,  “Well that isn’t very loving or accepting!” Or “You can’t judge me!”

But you see,  I realize that those things (sin) are not you. They may be something that you have participated in. They may even be things that you love and don’t really want to let go of (if we could hear the truth of your heart’s desires).

Or they may even be things that you have grown tired of but you don’t know how to escape,  so you feel insulted when someone reminds you of the mess you find yourself trapped in because you’ve given up on any hope that you could ever lay it down. You might have even decided to “just learn to enjoy it and forget about the consequences” because you’ve tried and couldn’t break free.

See, I realize that you are separate,  different from the trap, the disease,  the poison that you have allowed to grab ahold of your life. And if you don’t believe that you’re poisoned, if you’re still under the spell of your chosen poison, if you’re still asleep in blissful ignorance,  I understand too. I’m not here to drag you unwillingly from the trap. I realize you have little reason to believe the likes of me over that voice that bends your will and leads you to feed your desires once again.
Some will even say,  “You will never lure any proselytes into our religion to fill our offering plates by speaking out against sin!” And I hope they are right,  because I don’t plan to manipulate others into being twice the child of hell as those false teachers who are making merchandise of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those men serve a different master, and they have killed the true prophets time and time again. They serve their own bellies and they have no interest in you being truly free as long as they can talk you into following them and not God.

No, I do not condemn you for your sins,  because I have been caught in those traps myself.
And I’m not here to hand you a membership card and an offering envelope, I’m here to tell you about a different life, a new life, with a new purpose and mission.

I’m here to tell you that it is much, much better than that other life,  and that I know this difference first hand. Yes, I’m actually bringing good news that many are not yet ready to hear and accept.

But watering down the truth isn’t what my team does. I call sin sin – good good – bad bad – and lies lies. I offer it in love even though many will receive it as hate.
There is another team that will pick and choose,  that will add and subtract, that will twist the truth so that it comfortably fits their own will and purposes. They are happy with you getting ahold of a piece of the truth as long as it isn’t the whole truth – because they are liars and they serve that old liar.

You see, I know the power of the One Way, the One Truth, the One Life. His name is Jesus Christ,  and He has a new life for you. He truly does want to free you from that poison. I’m not talking about a powerless life following in the traditions of some religious denomination – I’m talking about the kind of relatons hip with a living God that overflows your cup with the annointing of His Spirit and His nature,  and leads you in the good works that He has planned for your life.
Many are asleep.

Many are dead in their sins.

He draws those who are His, and He only bids me to be faithful in sharing the truth and loving and serving. I am not here to kill you or steal your pleasures. I’m only here to tell you the good news. Freedom can be yours.

If you hear the truth in this message,  if you know that you need to repent of your sins and turn to the Lord today, call out to Him in prayer,  confess your sins, believe Him and His Word, and decide today that you will serve Him. Know the freedom that is yours to be had. Make your decision to follow Him and remain steadfast,  relying on Him as your strength,  seeking Him first and foremost in everything you do. Recognize sin and evil as the enemy that traps and kills many,  and learn to share the Truth through the testimony of your life – that the Blood of the Lamb is sufficient to save,  and that the Holy Spirit is sufficient in power, love, and self control to see the enemy defeated in your life.

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